Custom Locker Room Cabinetry

E. B. Endres has developed an approach to provide resort and spa guests, school students, teachers, athletes, fitness center enthusiasts, and health and country club members with high-quality locker space that addresses their needs at an excellent price. Our staff understands the varying locker space needs. Whether you are looking to reinforce your resort guest's perception of quality through beautiful yet functional premium lockers with solid wood doors, or to provide functional, open-cubby classroom lockers, E. B. Endres can fulfill your needs.

Our staff understands that an athlete lives from their locker room during their sports season. Allow us to provide a solution that is durable enough to survive the pounding from football helmets, dampness from sweaty apparel and towels, or scratches that come from track cleats. We'll use our experience to build maximum airflow into your lockers to help avoid the stale, musty atmosphere that often accompanies locker rooms. We'll provide workable, durable solutions for your unique storage needs - be it soccer balls, hockey sticks, shoulder pads, etc.

Give us a call or submit an inquiry form to see how we can provide custom locker room solutions for your business or organization.

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